Vilnius TV Tower

One of the must do things if you ever visit Vilnius is to have a meal in the TV tower restaraunt. Why you would ever visit such a funny country, or where it is even loacted are subjects for another article entirely.

The restaraunt serves basic fare by Lithuanian standards but presents the most amazing view as it’s spins around, taking about 45 minutes to complete a rotation. I took lots of photos that turned out OK but not spectacular as I’m yet to learn how to shoot well through glass.
View from the TV tower

In this photo you can see a fine collection of soviet style appartment blocks and a sample of all the open space and forests that populate Vilnius.

TV Tower

The restaraunt “Milky Way” is 165m above ground. There’s a lot of really cool information written quite well at Wikapedia.

Also there are plenty of other quality sites. Click on this one for some quality info.

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