The $10,000 download

I have a few photos I would like to be uploading very soon. However I have decided to wait as my main method of connecting to the net at the moment is a GPRS modem with global roaming. In Norway the download charges for this work out around $13 per megabyte, which means if you were to download an average movie file from the internet your costs would be around the $10,000 mark. Not the time to go to sleep and leave a download client running in the background. Ouch.

2 thoughts on “The $10,000 download”

  1. Would like to hear more about GPRS net connection. Can you use that all over Europe? How’s the cost work out for phone calls and MB and hourly rate.

    What download speed are you averaging?

  2. Bruce,

    Speeds are nothing flash, about dial-up speed where I’m living as that is just in the middle of a black spot 🙁 If you are in a better suburb you can get 100-120k connection speeds which still doesn’t feel like broadband to me (maybe it isn’t even technically broadband).

    Lithuania: Cost $50/month, unlimited.
    Latvia: Roaming (thats the killer cost) $6/megabyte
    Sweden: $10/megabyte
    Norway: $13/megabyte, and the speeds are just dial-up.

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