Six Years Blogging

This site has been around for six years. July 2005 was the beginning. Only sporadically updated at times but still chugging along, which is something I am happy with.

One of the reasons that it’s kind of a challenge to maintain a blog and update with regular posts is the diffusion of focus/energy idea that modern media presents. Consider all of the following online information streams that require both time and energy to keep updated with written information.

Twitter: Three accounts
Facebook: Two accounts
Blogs: Three blogs
Web pages: One business account
Newsletter: Monthly + updates
Articles: Regularly
Forums: This is a big time sink, though promotion and brand awareness for business
Email: Another huge time sink, necessary but often a time waster as well

Not to mention the expense of domain names, hosting (though I have a sweet deal on this front), and the like and it’s easy to see why a great many blogs start off strong and then wither away into cyber heaven.

The creation of useful apps for the phone allow posting of photos quite easily now, which is a great help and time saver.

I’m looking forward to reaching the 10yr mark in 2015, see you then 🙂

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