Tomorrow my girlfriend and I are off on a 10 day journey through the Baltics and Scandinavia, our first trip to the home of the fjords 🙂

Travel Itinerary:

Monday 25th – Vilnius to Riga by bus (5 hours) followed by a walk around the old town in Riga and sightseeing. Evening: Riga – Stockholm by night ferry. Drinking Latvian Vodka with swedish tourists.

Tuesday 26th – Stockholm: Sightseeing, an open air village with historical buildings!?

Wednesday 27th – Stockholm: More fun in Sveden. Maybe a Svedish castle?

Thursday 28th – Plane from Stockholm to Oslo. Train from Oslo to Trondheim, enjoy the Norwegian scenery, which is supposed to be stunning.

Friday 29th – Meet an Australian friend, John-Paul and his girlfriend Astrid. Sightseeing in Trondheim.

Saturday 30th – Climb a local mountain in Trondheim.

Sunday 31st – Ferry to the fjords in Trondheim. Evening: Plane from Trondheim to Bergen.

Monday 1st – Bergen: Cablecar to the top of the mountain to enjoy the view of Bergen.

Tuesday 2nd – Train from Bergen to Oslo. One of the worlds great journeys!? Really looking forward to this part of the trip.

Wednesday 3rd – Oslo: Sightseeing, more castles etc etc.

Thursday 4th – Oslo: Maybe the Viking museum!?. Evening: Plane from Oslo – Vilnius.


Life is so very challenging sometimes, but we meet our challenges and move on 🙂

Should have some great photos to post to the blog, but am not sure when I will find the time.

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