Renovation Mark 2

Some pictures of a recently completed renovation. Currently I’m trying to find tenants to rent the place, the plan being just to hold the dirt the bricks are parked on for as long as possible while the dirt appreciates in value and hope the house doesn’t fall down. I thought it would be best to spend more money up front and attempt to attract a higher quality tenant, charge a higher rent and not to have to worry about major repairs or renovations for at least 5 years. I’m not sure how wise this approach will turn out to be, time will tell. The house definitely needed some money spent on it though as it had been a rental since it was built in 1989 and wasn’t in great condition, eventually I can see this house being knocked down once the land becomes valuable enough, probably that’s at least 10+ years into the future though.

I made plenty of mistakes again with the renovation but the end result looks reasonably acceptable.

Front view

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