Regrets, I’ve Had a Few

Regrets, Ive had a few;
But then again, too few to mention.
I did what I had to do
And saw it through without exemption.

“My Way” Elvis Presley.

I was listening to Elvis sing ‘My Way’ recently and found myself drawn to these lyrics. They resonate.

Personally I regret having hurt some people in my life, places I haven’t been to, situations I didn’t take advantage of and many many things. I think that just might be life. Interestingly to me I have heard older people talk of regret and a common theme is that the regrets of things you never did weighed more heavily that anything they might have actually done, which might have a lesson involved somewhere.

But then again, too few to mention

.. is a brilliant line and so true. You can’t go through life without getting some cuts and bruises, best to do the best you can, try and improve and not dwell on the inevitable regrets I reckon. Regret is such a waste of energy.

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