North Korea

There is a fascinating photo journal of a Russian’s recent experience travelling in North Korea which I viewed a few days ago. Seems quite topical at the moment and it’s a rare insight into daily life in this strange republic.

I particularly liked the beaches fenced off with electric fencing.

2 thoughts on “North Korea”

  1. Excellent resource. Spent 20 mins looking at the pics.

    ANyone who thinks Nth Korea is communist needs to look at this.

    It is a totalitarian state run by a mad family.

    IMHO, nothing communist about it whatsoever.

    The greatest good for the greatest number? don’t think so….

  2. They are excellent photos.

    In terms of foreign policy the best thing would be trying to ship as many South Korean magazines, newspapers, information sources as possible to the North so that the downtrodded might develop some expectations as to what they are missing out on.

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