Movie Review – Cinderella Man

I bet Russell Crowe just loved making this movie, I mean he gets to belt some people and doesn’t get sued in the process.


Going to the cinemas in Lithuania is really good fun. Everything is in English with subtitles (can’t say I check them too closely though) and the prices are just great.

2 tickets = 20 litas ($9.40)
2 drinks + large popcorn = 12 litas ($5.60)

Cinderella Man is a fantastic popcorn or date movie. Nothing too complicated about the plot and it’s based on a true story as well, and the fight scenes are just really well done.

One for watching again on DVD I think.

Movie: Cinderella Man
Verdict: Go Russ! A genuine feel good movie and isn’t that why we go to the movies after all?
Score: 8.5/10

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