Lithuanian Money

I find this note interesting as Australia despite being a wealthier country than Lithuania only has a $100 note as a maximum. Mind you seeing the 500 Litu note ($250 AUD) in action is something I haven’t in almost a year, mostly even using a 100 Litu note is going to inconvenience a vendor.

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  1. cool blog! i’m a native lithuanian but i’m studying in copenhagen at the time, so it’s interesting to compare both your’s/mine local/foreign points of view. i haven’t been home for more than half a year, and the photos wake up nostalgia in me 🙂
    i think it would be interesting for other people as well. think about registering on some aggregation site for more publicity. could be an option, but i’m not sure if it’s supposed to contain only blogs in lithuanian, and it seems to be not working since a few days ago.

  2. Thanks for the comment!

    I seem to have at least a little interest from Lithuanian’s and people searching for Lithuanian food such as cepelinai. Makes sense I guess though I never really thought anybody from Lithuania would visit here!

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