6 thoughts on “Life Lessons 101”

  1. Pseudoephedrine is evil.. I prefer to sleep with a blocked nose now rather than use pseudoephedrine I always ended up having a terrible nights sleep with all sort of wierd dreams in the snatches of sleep I did get.. the end result was a tired body even less able to fight off infection 🙁


  2. It only treats the symptoms apparently, not the underlying Flu.

    It’s a powerful drug thats for sure, not quite certain how to rank it compared to all the other crap we put through our systems in the modern world.

  3. I wanna know where you bought the pseudoephedrine. I didn’t think it was even on the market anymore? I found it to help alot with upper resp. problems.
    However I only took it during the day. 😉

  4. Lithuania, thought it’s commonly available over the counter in Australia last time I checked.

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