Hugues De Montalembert


You live in a city like New York.
You read the papers.
You look at the television.
But you never think it will happen to you.
It happened to me one evening.

Hugues was attacked in his apartment by muggers and as a result, blinded, permanently. Having just finished reading his book ‘Invisible – A memoir’ I can suggest it thoroughly as a refreshing insight into how to appreciate your good fortune, or to reflect on how it would be good if we can be grateful for the things we take for granted, such as our sight and our health.

‘Invisible’ can be finished in one sitting and contains a philosophical view of the world that is worth digesting.

At the end you must know that you will be defeated.
You will be defeated by age. Age is an enemy against which you can do nothing.
Because to be old is not easy, but to be old and blind, that’s very tiring.

You better eat life while you can because at the end, like everybody else, your body will be defeated.
At least your mind can be triumphant, independent.

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