Hidden Numbers & Customer ‘Service’

I’ve just spent ten minutes trying to find a telephone number to contact my DSL provider, on their website they do everything possible to bury the numbers many clicks deep and funnel you into filling out some web form where they ‘guarantee to respond within 7 days’.. Once you have passed the first stupidity test and have actually struck gold you can phone the number to talk to a computer who attempts to divert you from actually reaching a human being once more. If you pass the crappy voice recognition bot with an annoying voice you get to listen to some canned promotional music spliced in with how much ‘your call is valued, and how you will be attended to as soon as possible’ needless to say I have written this entire post while holding.

Once you get to talk to a human you can be talking to someone on the other side of the globe who is payed a fraction of the wage they would have to pay someone in your own country, because they ‘value your business and apologize that you are still waiting to speak to someone’.

Then they can’t even solve your problem.. Which was simply to have the final two billing days of a month charged as excess usage and not shaped for a DSL connection, apparently that doesn’t fit in neatly with one of their predefined plan boxes…


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