Fried Bread – What?

So I was coming through customs at Brisbane airport this year and the customs Nazi’s were tearing through my bag like they usually do, which was just fine by me this time as they didn’t want to strip search me. Australian customs workers have to be the least friendly people in the world (haven’t been through American customs yet), it’s a credit to the pulling power of Australia that we still get so many tourists coming back.

Anyway I forgot that I had some food in my bag, usually I would have thrown it out or eaten it. The lady asks me what is this? “Fried bread” I said, “It’s a Lithuanian beer snack, very tasty”. She gives me this ‘What a strange idea’ look and sends me out the door. Reminds me of the look you get when someone tastes Vegemite for the first time.

Fried Bread

Normally you have the fried bread (kepta duona) with a creamy sauce and a Lithuanian beer, and it’s delicious.

I didn’t offer to share mine with the customs officer anyway.

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