Election.. November 24

Just a note to myself..

Remember… I Have to vote.. November 24, otherwise I will get a fine. Though I have heard that a good excuse will get you out of a fine if indeed you do forget to vote, say an excuse such as not voting for ‘religious reasons’ or something similar.

I’m voting in what is a very safe labour seat, Wayne Swan is the federal member and I’m not even aware of the other candidates for the seat as it’s an easy put away for the future Krudd goverment I imagine. I don’t have any strong political views other than there seem to be plenty of smart and plenty more not so smart people on either side, and the policies seem to be increasingly similar on a lot of subjects.

Not that I’m interested in changing the world in such a way but at some point in the future it would be nice to have a democratic system that actually made some sense, unlike the present one we have which clearly doesn’t. One vote, one value.. my hat. A few voters in marginal seats have a huge impact on the end result and the great majority of the population might as well just go fishing.

I thought the most telling piece of propaganda so far was how Kevin 07 stole honest J’s limelight from APEC, speaking Mandarin to the Chinese premier, that was just classic.. I imagine that won him a lot of votes with Gen X and Y voters who probably recognize the wisdom of closer ties with Asia and no desperate need to rush headlong into every oil soaked battlefield the US chooses.

More or less things will continue as they always have I predict, don’t overestimate other peoples role in your success, it will still be up to you, which is why Australia is really a great country I think!

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