Lucky Kitty

Dax – Our new kitten.

Named Dax (After the German stock market index). He was insecure when we first brought him home from the local pound but has settled right in now and has a fantastic nature. Just a domestic short hair moggy but a pretty lucky cat. He’s being confined indoors for a few weeks but has proved a pretty good escape artist so far, though isn’t brave enough to run too far away yet or he just really likes being around people.


The pound was fantastic, they charged $93 and for that you get a microchip, adoption papers, desexing certificate, worming shots, free food sample, carry box and ownership papers. Beats buying a cat from the local pet shop anyhow. We also visited a local animal shelter to look at adopting an older cat. At the shelter we really liked this 7 year old cat called ‘Princess’ which we considered adopting instead of Dax, Princess had a thyroid problem which required twice daily tablets otherwise but had a very gentle nature and was always following you around. In the end it was a tough choice but we decided upon taking the kitten and making a cash donation to the animal shelter, primarily to soothe my conscience I think as I’m sure Dax would have been adopted by somebody else if not us as he is a cute kitten of course.


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