Circa 1964

A photo of St Vincent’s road Banyo circa 1964. On the right are some stores and on the left the train line leading into the Brisbane CBD can be seen. The structure straight ahead is a war memorial for WW2 which the suburb has a strong link to and the memorial is still standing today, though I don’t think it will last more than another 10 years based on the development happening presently in the area.

This particular road was paved by workers during the great depression, but is a much older road dating back to the 1850’s and has seen everything from a horse and buggy, migrating nomadic aboriginals to the Segway traverse it’s path. It was/is the main arterial road into the suburb and has quite a history.

It’s a minor hobby of mine to dig into the history of a suburb I’m interested in with a view to getting data regarding real estate sales, though the reading of history is very much worthwile in itself and there are many fascinating stories to uncover.


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