My IBM ThinkPad Rocks!

I really really like my ThinkPad. If I say I love it I could get in serious trouble, so lets just leave it at liking a lot.

For a start it’s built like a tank. My ThinkPad has been racking up the frequent flyer miles recently and I have not even had a hint of a problem with it. IBM have this technology which detects when the TP is dropping and parks the hard drive so that you don’t lose the data, not sure if I will actually test that myself; but plenty of people have.

The “Legends of ThinkPad” page has some funny stories about TP’s that have survived some nasty incidents with their data still intact.

Probably the only thing that isn’t great (for the price) on my TP R50e is the sound, which just isn’t very loud even on maximum setting, but since it’s used primarily for business thats not a problem. Who listens to music much on laptops these days anyway?

Anyway the ThinkPad is a serious computer for travel and business, and I wish I had found that out before I purchased all of my previous junky laptops.

2 thoughts on “My IBM ThinkPad Rocks!”

  1. I completely agree with you! I have a IBM Thinkpad T40 and could not be happier. I its the
    best and most portable Laptop I’ve ever had. At 1 in. thin with a 1.8 ghz Pentium M
    processor, it destroys the competition. So you can have your Dell’s and Toshiba’s, but I know
    what I’m going to use. IBM!!

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