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Savage Chickens

First thing every day I fire up my feed aggregator and check out the 50 or so must read blogs I have in my list.

Some of my ‘must read’ sites include a few cartoon such as Dilbert and BC. Less well known perhaps but equally as funny as Dilbert is the following cartoon series. Savage Chickens.

Drawing skills just aren’t nescessary for a great cartoon!

Chickens are funny

America oh America

There’s a lot that isn’t really healthy about the world at the moment. And quite a lot thats not going too badly at all (To place some focus on the glass half full argument as well).

Sometimes the most powerful messages are conveyed in cartoons, I found myself smiling wryly at all the toons I viewed on the following site.

Kirk Cartoons

I don’t know enough about Kirk to know how much of a political barrow the guy is pushing, I suspect he has quite an anti Republican bias based on the cartoons I saw on his site. Americans tend to be very passionate when it comes to politics. Still the cartoons are a funny summation of a lot of what is wrong in the world and America at the moment. Have a look.