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Makes the world go around

The Australian Royal

From Wikipedia.

The Australian Royal

In 1965 the Prime Minister at the time, Robert Menzies wished to name the currency “The Royal”, and other names such as “the Austral”, “The Oz”, “The Boomer”, “The Roo”, “The Kanga”, “The Emu”, “The Digger”, “The Kwid” and “Ming” (the nickname of Menzies) were also proposed. Due to Menzies’ influence, the name “Royal” was settled upon, and trial designs were prepared and printed by the printing works of the Reserve Bank of Australia. The unusual choice of name for the currency proved unpopular, and it was later shelved in favour of “dollar”.

That will be two Kanga’s and twenty Emu’s cobber. Or you can pay by Digger card if you wish.

We can at least be grateful John Howard wasn’t in charge of the naming. The Deputy? The Survivor? The Honest? Gosh we would probably just have the US Dollar.

Lithuanian Money

I find this note interesting as Australia despite being a wealthier country than Lithuania only has a $100 note as a maximum. Mind you seeing the 500 Litu note ($250 AUD) in action is something I haven’t in almost a year, mostly even using a 100 Litu note is going to inconvenience a vendor.

I'm Rich!

How Much Is Your Blog Worth?

I found this fun little calculator that works out how much your blog is worth. The calculator works out the number of links to your blog and assigns a value based on the same ratio as the recent AOL-Weblogs deal.

Link to Blog Worth Calculator

And… The value of is…

My blog is worth $6,774.48.
How much is your blog worth?

I will consider all offers in this range. Secretly I’m a bit disappointed though as you can’t buy a very large yacht with this kind of money.

Was a Bubble!

Well my post about the potential bubble was extraordinarly well timed.

In the days after this post the market suffered it’s biggest falls in three years.

The way I see it the market is very close to being driven largely by speculation rather than fundamentals. These things are notoriously hard to predict, though there tend to be a few fun guidelines based upon the lessons of history.

1) When your taxi driver starts talking about shares then the market is close to the top.
2) When people who have never invested in the market start doing so in droves then we are in ‘greater fool’ territory.
3) The bigger the bubble and the bigger the party, the bigger the mess to clean up afterwoods. The Japanese still haven’t cleaned up the aftermath from the humdinger of a party they had in the 1980’s.
4) When life (and the markets) is at it’s best, watch out! Think this might have something to do with ‘Pride cometh before the fall’, or something biblical like that.