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A trip back in time with Everett True

I stumbled across the following cartoon strip today. “The Outbursts of Everett True” from the early 1900’s. Some of the strips are really quite funny as they represent the social values of the time and have clearly not withstood the test of time (2) and some are truly timeless (1). For a complete view of this moral crusading sociopath on the rampage visit this web page. The strip takes the format of a grievance to Everett in the first frame followed by his retribution in the second.

The Outbursts of Everett True (1)
Everett 1
The Outbursts of Everett True (2)
Everett 2

Make money while you sleep playing Poker!

I just love this story. Any method for making money while you sleep seems pretty cool to me.

Turns out that bots are becoming a problem in online poker rooms. Just purchase a poker playing bot and watch it go, it even colludes (aint that cheating?) with other bots running in the same room. Gosh I almost feel sorry for the people playing against it.

The only unusual thing as far as I can see is that it’s taken this long for me to read such a story. Humans have been cheating with chess playing computers on chess servers for many years now. Seems to me to be a very hollow thrill out of beating someone by cheating, but there are plenty of people who disagree with me on this point. Only problem with chess is there aint no money to be made, so it makes sense the bot designing geeks would try something like poker where there is a lot of money to made online.

Interesting 🙂

Internet Pig

Today I bought a pig.


The idea is that everytime I spend a session on the internet I have to put some money into Porky. This way if I have an addiction to the internet I will become rich at the same time.


I have been aware of blogs for many years now and even kept one or two (all disappeared quietly and unread) but just recently I have woken up to the power of blogs on the net these days. Funny how you can walk past something a thousand times and suddenly have this ‘a ha’ moment and work out how to do something very cool.

I have been going a bit crazy bookmarking blogs over the last week now that I’m interested. Since I last did some blog surfing (would have been 2 years ago) it’s amazing what has proliferated in the blogosphere.

The drawback of the boom in quantity of blogs is that the average quality has probably sunk. Lot of garbage to wade through to find the diamonds.

Probably the coolest thing about blogging is the inside view you get to the thoughts of some pretty amazing people doing pretty amazing things. I will be adding my coolest bloglinks very soon!

Now I’m looking for a good feed aggregator to manage all my blogs in one place.

The hidden cost of the internet

Another hour spent messing around with importing photos to my blog, another hour of life wasted (pretty much).

If it’s not the World Wide Wait (still have a darn slow connection at the moment) then it’s new software that even though it might be very powerful is not easy or intuitive to use.

So.. the simplest of tasks eludes me for the moment, which is incredibly frustrating. Sometimes the best solution is just to walk away for a while and come back later and ask someone who knows more! Now I just have to wait for my computer literate friend to log on..

The $10,000 download

I have a few photos I would like to be uploading very soon. However I have decided to wait as my main method of connecting to the net at the moment is a GPRS modem with global roaming. In Norway the download charges for this work out around $13 per megabyte, which means if you were to download an average movie file from the internet your costs would be around the $10,000 mark. Not the time to go to sleep and leave a download client running in the background. Ouch.