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Third World Country

So I have just got back online after 7 days of internet solitude.

There is no way Australia is the smart country when it comes to connectivity. Waiting for 5 working days! for a internet hookup for ADSL from Hellstra (whom all companies have to go through unfortunately).

Typing Terrorists and Computer Denialists

I spend a lot of time on the internet.

One of the resources I enjoy are bulletin boards, they can be valuable learning tools if you find one populated with intelligent people. Anyway if you spend a lot of time reading material on a computer screen, especially a laptop screen like mine then you really appreciate the use of proper English and appropriate formatting.

There is this one particular poster to an australia n invesing board I visit that is a typing
terrorist however no matter what he types it all forms
a formless mass of words jumbled together into a s mall space with no hint of a comma or
full stop just one long wo rd soup desperately seeking a non existent new paragraph and what makes this particulary annoying
is this person is quite smart and has many useful things to say but he
seems to have learnt them while he was absent from his
English classes

I can’t remember ever finishing reading one of his posts that extended beyond what any reasonable person would define as one paragraph. Pity.

So I have been thinking this person and most others who contribute useful discourse online are surely on the sunny side of the distribution curve of internet useage and application, no matter how bad their grammar.

Two overheard conversations from my last visit to the local library confirm this view.

The Scene: Computer classes being held at the library.

Conversation 1:
(instructor) Now I encourage you not to use CAPS LOCK for any character in your password as this will be harder to remember.
(student – a gent in his 50’s) What are CAPS?

Conversation 2:
(librarian talking to a couple in their late 40’s early 50’s) So you want to join our next course?
(couple) Yes please, our daughter asked us to turn her computer on and we didn’t know how.
(librarian) So you know nothing about computers at all?
(couple) thats correct
(Librarian) Do you know how to use a mouse?
(couple) no

I admire their courage for stepping forward and saying ‘I don’t understand please help’. I’m wondering just how many other people are out there on the other side of the digital divide who don’t know how to turn on a computer?

Virtual Friends

Every so often I find myself thinking how amazing it is I can be connected to the net almost anywhere on the globe. Flying economy class over central Australia, in a forest in Lithuania, sitting in a cafe in Hamburg having lunch and checking your email. It’s all quite amazing for a person who remembers how cool watching TV in colour and listening to LP’s was in the 70’s.

It just occured to me that I’m developing a group of friends who I have never actually seen in real life, some of them I have never even seen a photo of. This should give rise to all sorts of cultural developments I can’t begin to think of at the moment. Will I be part of the first generation to live their whole life with friends that you never actually meet in person? It’s possible.