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Rain in Brisbane!

As I’m typing I’m listening to the sound of rain on the roof, a beautiful sound. It’s true that you only really appreciate something when it’s missing sometimes.

The Brisbane dam levels are above 20% after falling to 17% recently and the grass will be looking green again shortly.

Who knows what the enviromental changes will do to SEQ in the long run, but if you are interested in global warming in action mosey on over to this website and have a look at the temperature of the globe rise before your very eyes, it’s one of the stats in the live world clock on the frontpage. I can’t speak for the soundness of the source but there’s probably some truth in there I imagine.

ADSL2+ … About Time

I’m getting ADSL2+ connected this month, can’t wait.

The following graph is a list of the speeds you can expect for various connections related to your physical (as the kitty runs along the road rather than as the crow flies) distance from the exchange. I’m only 500m from my exchange so should be near the top level for speed, presently I’m only getting 0.54 MBPS download speed so it could be a welcome visit to the first world (almost) in terms of internet connectivity. There is only a 20 Gig D/L limit but I will take what I can get for the moment, hopefully one day Australia can take our place in the 21st century and such services will arrive faster.

I’m not quite sure what it will mean in practical terms but I will soon see.


Ron Paul – 2008

Just donating a small slice of bandwidth to the Ron Paul for president 2008 movement.

America and the world really need people like this in power.

When you consider that more than half of the American republican candidates don’t believe in evolution and almost all of them won’t reject a ‘nuclear first strike option’ against ‘enemy’ countries… it makes you despair. Ron Paul is wonderful voice of reason in a crazy world, and unlike almost every other politician he is a learned man who is both aware of history and understand it’s lessons.

Car Security

Locked my car keys inside my Toyota Camry recently.

It’s been that kind of month for me. Briefly considered whether the joy of throwing a brick through the window would be worth the economic pain.

So the RACQ guy had to come over and break into the car. Took him more than one minute which I thought was interesting. Previously when I used to lock my keys into an older Mazda 323 some years ago the break in process took no more than 15 seconds or so, seems I’m moving up the food chain in car security.