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The $7.30 coffee

Watched a man order a coffee today for $7.30. It was a super large size with a triple shot and some other add ons.

I used to work an entire day for $50 after tax back at my first job in 1992. That days effort in 1992 would capture me just seven of those coffee’s today, pays to think about the inflation tax and how it will rob you blind if you don’t position your money accordingly.

Fish & Chips


A very tasty example. My method is always chips, fish and salad then finish with the final few chips. You can tell you at a more upmarket fisnNChipz establishment in Oz when you get a semblance of salad served to you as well, no newspaper wrapping from this shop.

Raby Bay, Brisbane August 2007.

Brisbane Centre

Brisbane Centre

Brisbane from the bike path, we follow this all the way into South bank followed by a return trip over the new ‘Goodwill Bridge’.

Brisbane just isn’t a pretty city as world capitals go, but it has it’s moments now and then. One of Brisbane’s pretty moments probably isn’t the Riverside expressway though.. not sure what genius dreamt that one up.