Basketball Lithuanian Style

I just watched Lietuvos Rytas (Vilnius) play Olympiakos and it was quite a night. Lithuanians embrace basketball with a passion and the experience was special, the local team even managed to win a great game which made almost all the 11,000 people in the stadium very happy.

When you are small country and nobody knows where you are in the world then you need to be good at something; and Lithuanians are good at basketball, very good.

The visiting team had a Lithuanian coach and one Lithuanian player but the most interesting thing for me was that Lietuvos Rytas had an Aussie (ex Sydney Kings player) Matthew Nielsen playing, felt good to know I’m not the only Australian living here.

Several hours after the game my ears are still ringing, I was worried I might get hearing damage the noise was so loud and I’m told that it gets louder than this as well. I really can’t imagine how thats possible.

Playing in this arena must be intimidating for visiting teams, Olympiakos started strongly and had 10 point leads at various points but their game fell away badly in the 4th quarter and they started missing easy shots as the crowd went crazy.

Robertas Javtokas slam dunks. At 210cm and 117kg’s this guy is big, anybody running into him just bounced backwards.

Slam Dunk

Are Lithuanian girls pretty? … Is Brazil good at soccer?

Cheer Girls

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