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The $10,000 download

I have a few photos I would like to be uploading very soon. However I have decided to wait as my main method of connecting to the net at the moment is a GPRS modem with global roaming. In Norway the download charges for this work out around $13 per megabyte, which means if you were to download an average movie file from the internet your costs would be around the $10,000 mark. Not the time to go to sleep and leave a download client running in the background. Ouch.


Tomorrow my girlfriend and I are off on a 10 day journey through the Baltics and Scandinavia, our first trip to the home of the fjords 🙂

Travel Itinerary:

Monday 25th – Vilnius to Riga by bus (5 hours) followed by a walk around the old town in Riga and sightseeing. Evening: Riga – Stockholm by night ferry. Drinking Latvian Vodka with swedish tourists.

Tuesday 26th – Stockholm: Sightseeing, an open air village with historical buildings!?

Wednesday 27th – Stockholm: More fun in Sveden. Maybe a Svedish castle?

Thursday 28th – Plane from Stockholm to Oslo. Train from Oslo to Trondheim, enjoy the Norwegian scenery, which is supposed to be stunning.

Friday 29th – Meet an Australian friend, John-Paul and his girlfriend Astrid. Sightseeing in Trondheim.

Saturday 30th – Climb a local mountain in Trondheim.

Sunday 31st – Ferry to the fjords in Trondheim. Evening: Plane from Trondheim to Bergen.

Monday 1st – Bergen: Cablecar to the top of the mountain to enjoy the view of Bergen.

Tuesday 2nd – Train from Bergen to Oslo. One of the worlds great journeys!? Really looking forward to this part of the trip.

Wednesday 3rd – Oslo: Sightseeing, more castles etc etc.

Thursday 4th – Oslo: Maybe the Viking museum!?. Evening: Plane from Oslo – Vilnius.


Life is so very challenging sometimes, but we meet our challenges and move on 🙂

Should have some great photos to post to the blog, but am not sure when I will find the time.

Technology is great no?

Isn’t technology great?

This week I sat down in front of my IBM thinkpad which at various times was sitting on my desk, restaraunt tables, the sofa, the bed, in front of the TV etc and arranged a complete holiday (trains, planes, hotels, sightseeing) all over the net.

Along with a Visa card and a net connection there is very little you can’t do these days over the net, or few places you can’t do it from. Some airlines are even offering wireless hotspots in economy now.