The Akropolis Lithuanian Style.


It’s really just a huge shopping centre (biggest in the Baltic states) complete with cinemas, bowling alley, restaraunts, ice rinks, playgrounds etc etc. The largest shops are all owned by the one Lithuanian mega corporation (Vilniaus Prekyba) that seems to own most stuff in Lithuania, interestingly the centre itself is built on a prime location where a shopping centre was not supposed to be built… Well you can draw your own conclusions from this.

One of my favourite shops is the local ‘Double Coffee’, a coffee chain whos logo has some uncanny resemblances to Starbucks, at least it seems like that was their inspiration to me.

Double Coffee

Lithuanians generally don’t do the best coffee compared to Australia, which is unusual because everything else food related is at least two universes better in taste and costs less. This place is OK though.. Perhaps their logo could be ‘Like Starbucks. But double the taste and half the price’.. Would be close to the truth as well.

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  1. Hyper MAXIMA is one of the biggest shopping centres situated in the Shopping and Entertainment Centre AKROPOLIS. The supermarket occupies the area of 15 000 sq.m. and offers the visitors a choice of 60000 different food products and manufactured goods.

    At Hyper MAXIMA shoppers will always find the most fresh food products: various kinds of bread and its products are made at the bakery located on site, confectionery shop makes cakes and various sweets, cookery shop makes salad and prefabricated meat products, smokes fish and meat products on site. Those who like fish will find a big choice of fish and seafood. Hyper MAXIMA offers a huge variety of fruits, vegetables and fresh-made juice, special shelves are installed for various kinds of tea, coffee and exotic spices, the supermarket has a big choice of kosher, ecological products and goods suitable for those suffering from diabetes. At Hyper MAXIMA supermarket shoppers can also buy clothes, footwear, toys, books, household, electrical and other goods.

  2. Hi Tomas 🙂

    We have definitely spent a lot of time wandering around Maxima and Akropolis, It’s certainly a huge place.

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