Lithuanian Food – Cepelinai

If there’s one dish that defines Lithuanian cuisine then it’s the ‘Cepelinai’.


The ultimate Lithuanian ‘comfort food’.

A Cepelinai is basically a potato dumpling filled with meat and floating in a creamy bacon or mushroom sauce. Described aptly by my guide book as ‘artery hardening’ the Cepelinai comes from the rural parts of Lithuania. Taking several hours to make it was perfect for the cold winter days when it was better to be indoors cooking something warm to eat.

Take two daily and consult your heart surgeon if pain starts.

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  1. Timmy Says:


  2. Andrew Says:

    Yep, It sure is Tim :)

    But the strange thing is that Lithuanians don’t like vegemite, I don’t understand that??

  3. Gepflegte Langeweile » Blog Archive » German-Lithuanian-Friendship-Day Says:

    […] I’m proud to be the first person who announces you the first annual German-Lithuanian-Friendship-Day. You ask:”What the hell is that?” Well, i came home after university and found cepelinai in our fridge. Oh, it felt so good when i saw that, it reminded me of Lithuania. So, tomorrow i’ll eat great lithuanian food, drink maybe 1 or 2 degtine and be happy. And next year i’ll celebrate that day again. cepelinai, degtineBookmark this entry:These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. […]

  4. Andrew Says:

    Well I will help celebrate that day, where is the party?

  5. Patty Says:

    My maternal grandparents are from Lithuania and they used to make something they called
    klatskies. I have no idea if I have it spelled correctly, but that’s how is sounds. They are
    ham stuffed dumplings that are to die for. I would absolutely love to have the recipe. Do you
    know what they are?

  6. Andrew Says:

    I did a google search on Klatskies as I had never heard of them.

    It seems to be a Polish dish, and there are some recipes online.