1000 years of cheap food.. Over?

One of the developing themes for the future of the world is that the era of cheap food might be coming to an end.

The world is kind of at an inflection point at the moment I believe, but it’s also possible that could be said of any time if you think about it. It looks like global crude oil production could well have peaked in May 2005 and for a world that is soaked in oil, from the clothes you wear to the food you eat this is no trifling matter, it’s not the sort of issue that is likely to go away if you ignore it anyhow. The role of cheap energy in the food production cycle is critical and if the cheapness part of the equation is tinkered with the rest of the equation suffers as well.

I’m predicting a likely chance that I will see the return of victory gardens in the Australian back yard in my lifetime.

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