100 Written Goals

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Write down 100 life goals.

I picked up this useful idea from a seminar I attended earlier this year. I believe the value with doing this is that you will be forced to step outside the box of every day thinking and come up with something creative just to reach number 100, I found it very difficult filling in the last 60 or so.

I’m a heavy consumer of self help literature and am not ashamed to say so, frankly there are better things to be self conscious about I think. There is a lot of hot air and misinformation in the field but thats hardly surprising, there is also a lot of gold to be discovered. I’m continually thinking why my school wasn’t teaching (and likely still isn’t teaching) useful things like * Goal Setting * Happiness * Philosophy *Business skills and making money, now thats something I truly regret.

Incidentally it was an Amway conference where I first heard of this idea. That’s one interesting organization they have going on there, lots of business lessons (not the obvious ones often) and insights to be gained into the human condition I think. But that’s a subject for another post entirely.

On goal setting I’m pretty well versed in the theory but very ordinary in the application, but I’m a true believer in the value of doing such things. What I believe might be happening is that writing down your goals does actually help align your subconscious and future actions with where you want to be heading, at least to some extent. I know this from looking back at journals from years ago where I had written goals which I wrote down and forgot and still achieved, there could be something going on there. I imagine the alpha goal setter who reviews their goals and mission statement daily would have even better results.

One thought is that the value of goals is not what the goal delivers to you but what person you become in the pursuit of your goals.

Anyway I did mention that I struggled to reach 100…. Observe

43) Play tennis with Roger Federer
51) Visit Wall Street
52) Visit Chigaco Board of Trade
53) Meet the US president
62) Go prospecting for gold
65) Teach a university course
69) House a homeless family
76) Go spelunking
78) Travel in a submarine ……. gosh still have 22 to fill out……
79) Travel in a fighter jet
86) Write a self help book ….. Could be onto something here …..
91) Discover a new species ….. I think I got bitten by a few on a recent canoeing trip ……
93) Invent a new technology
97) Grow some flowers …. Gosh that seems lame looking back but there are only 3 to go now …
99) Live to age 99
100) See Halley’s comet for the second time (returns every 75 years or so… haven’t checked if the math on this syncs with goal 99 yet)

And so on….

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